Mardi, octobre 21, 2014 Mercredi, juillet 30, 2014

SomeWhat Update

I have been going to classes, concerts, films, & shopping; but I haven’t been drawing/painting.

I did sketch a logo for Dani & The Arts.

I do have time to paint so this is what I am painting in the next couple of months: 

  • Cantiflas
  • The rest of the Chavo Del Ocho gang
  • Another Conan O’Brien painting
  • Still life
  • Sweet Indies Things collections

I do need to find a couple of paint tubes, but I will start posting.

There is another project that I am working on, but I can’t say what it is.

….. O! I also do commissions.

Love, Dani

Vendredi, février 7, 2014
Jeudi, janvier 2, 2014

New Years’ Resolutions

  • Paint around 50 paintings until Dec 31
  • Sketching more.
  • Doodling accepted.
  • Wherever there is art, I will see it.
  • Solving cases….
Jeudi, décembre 26, 2013

Dani + The Arts’ Christmas Message

Do not let anyone tell you who to be.

Stay safe & be smart.

Listen to those don’t speak

Keep Sketching to the canvas

Love, Dani.

Mardi, décembre 3, 2013

Artist Update/News (Not Really)

My Conan O’Brien painting was sold.

Thank you, whoever bought it.

If anyone wants to purchase any of my artwork please go to


I have got some new canvasses & I am going to gesso some of the ones that are kind of eh.

Love, Dani

Jeudi, novembre 21, 2013 Mercredi, novembre 20, 2013

Artist Blah Update…

Hi y’all.

I have been sketching so much but still no painting. One of the sketching that I am focusing on is this particular person. I will make a post of the sketches.

I am selling Conan O’Brien painting on eBay (It is going to end on Thursday) and Etsy

Remember, I don’t paint the same thing twice, so One Of A Kind painting

I have around 4 canvas that needs to be fixed…and 10 to be painted on.

O! My!

Miami Beach Art Basel is around the corner… I have ticket to Art Miami. Does anyone have tickets to Scope/Pulse/Design Miami?

Well, I should go back sketching.

Any ideas?

Love, Dani.

Lundi, novembre 18, 2013
My business cards! Thank you!

My business cards! Thank you!

Dimanche, novembre 17, 2013