Vendredi, février 7, 2014
Jeudi, janvier 2, 2014

New Years’ Resolutions

  • Paint around 50 paintings until Dec 31
  • Sketching more.
  • Doodling accepted.
  • Wherever there is art, I will see it.
  • Solving cases….
Jeudi, décembre 26, 2013

Dani + The Arts’ Christmas Message

Do not let anyone tell you who to be.

Stay safe & be smart.

Listen to those don’t speak

Keep Sketching to the canvas

Love, Dani.

Mardi, décembre 3, 2013

Artist Update/News (Not Really)

My Conan O’Brien painting was sold.

Thank you, whoever bought it.

If anyone wants to purchase any of my artwork please go to


I have got some new canvasses & I am going to gesso some of the ones that are kind of eh.

Love, Dani

Jeudi, novembre 21, 2013 Mercredi, novembre 20, 2013

Artist Blah Update…

Hi y’all.

I have been sketching so much but still no painting. One of the sketching that I am focusing on is this particular person. I will make a post of the sketches.

I am selling Conan O’Brien painting on eBay (It is going to end on Thursday) and Etsy

Remember, I don’t paint the same thing twice, so One Of A Kind painting

I have around 4 canvas that needs to be fixed…and 10 to be painted on.

O! My!

Miami Beach Art Basel is around the corner… I have ticket to Art Miami. Does anyone have tickets to Scope/Pulse/Design Miami?

Well, I should go back sketching.

Any ideas?

Love, Dani.

Lundi, novembre 18, 2013
My business cards! Thank you!

My business cards! Thank you!

Dimanche, novembre 17, 2013 Samedi, novembre 9, 2013 Vendredi, novembre 8, 2013
Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.

Pablo Picasso